‘The notion of “home” is about the place you feel safe and where you feel connected to all of the things you love’

What makes a house a home? For me…..it holds all my favorite things and my favorite people in one place. It’s the place I retreat to for peace from the frenetic, bossy outside world. It’s where I can spend the whole day in my pajamas watching old movies on TMC if I so choose.

It seems that for most of us, creating a home is less about the building itself, it’s style or the area it is in, and more about the emotional connection and sense of comfort we’re able to create behind closed doors. This notion of private space is key to our sense of wellbeing and self-expression.

And while the property you live in might be far from your ideal making a house a feel-good space is not about it being worthy of an interiors magazine, but ensuring it reflects who we are and how we live our lives. You can live in a tiny apartment or a luxurious penthouse, but it won’t be your own unless you are aware of your emotional response to your surroundings.

Some people are very sensitive to visuals, so when things are cluttered, unclean and unkept it can affect them.
Other people might be more sensitive to sound or harsh lighting or room temperature, yet most of us never take the time to figure out what impact our surroundings are having on us.

When creating a home, you should be ruled by your heart, not your head. If you love something, it will make you happy, which will create a warm atmosphere.

Our homes also tend to subtly evolve over time to reflect the different stages of our development, or that of a family as it grows – and how we use our house will change accordingly. Our personalities aren’t fixed – we’re changing all the time, and it makes no sense, from a psychological point of view, to stay static. Your surroundings should reflect just that.

People can get into a routine about things: having a favorite chair, or their side of the bed, or a certain spot on the sofa. It can be good to shake these things up, so they don’t become too habitual. Rearranging and redecorating a home is no bad thing – change can be good and stimulating.

In an ideal life, we would have a total balance between work, family and socializing. We would leave our house with joy, and return to it with joy at the end of the day. Sadly, that’s not what everyone experiences. People can become stressed and anxious by the constant expectations and pressures of their work and social lives.

So, home is the one place where we can recover and recoup.
In the end, you want your home to make you feel safe and comforted and to reflect happiness and harmony.

Whether for your own personal joy or for the purposes of selling, staging is an invaluable tool in presenting the very best your home has to offer.
It is a gift to both your beloved abode and to yourself.