The Teal Butterfly’s Elegant Transformation

How did my Greer, SC cleaning company get its start?

How did The Teal Butterfly Design Company get its wings? There’s a whole back story on why I made the switch to all-natural cleaning agents. Read the story of the Teal Butterfly’s transformation, as told by owner, Joanna Nelson:

“My business started a few years ago during a period in my life in which I had the great privilege of being able to help a dear friend and her family as she battled ovarian cancer. Having undergone several chemotherapy treatments followed by radiation, it was imperative that she was not exposed to any toxins, including household cleaning products.

As a keen user of aromatherapy oils for their health benefits, I researched the availability of all-natural and/or organic cleaning materials that I could use in the family's home.

Since then, my business has transformed from not just giving a house a good clean, but also organizing the client's space for better use and happier living whilst improving the health quality of both home and inhabitant.

The Teal Butterfly Design Company is proud to have the opportunity to be on, which showcases cleaning companies that are considered Premier Professional Organizers."

And so, a butterfly was born. Ready to transform your Greer, SC home? Call The Teal Butterfly Design Company today at 864-384-2435 to get started.

The Teal Butterfly works hard to earn your business

The Teal Butterfly works hard to earn your business

Experience the difference when you work with a cleaning company that cares. What separates the Teal Butterfly from the rest? I offer incentives like:

  • Free estimates
  • Personal service
  • Holistic and organic products
  • Customized packages

Reclaim your home from clutter, dirt and more. Call The Teal Butterfly Design Company in Greer, SC, or fill out the contact form for more information.