The Teal Butterfly’s Elegant Transformation

What do you get from The Teal Butterfly?

Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site!

Helping people find their way through all their accumulated clutter and mess to a place of calmness and peace is my passion.

I fell into this line of work several years ago and transitioned my business from all-natural organic cleaning, (geared toward people with illness and or toxic home environments), into the Organizing Design Company it is today.

Along the way I have learned that no one EVER finds themselves in a state of chronic disorganization without experiencing some sort of trauma in their lives. I too have been down this long never-ending path of stress and anxiety myself and know all too well the repercussions of letting things go.

My job is not to judge you, your home or your situation, but to help you clear your residence, whatever it may be, thus and so clearing your Mind, Body and Soul.

I do take a very spiritual approach to my work as I firmly believe we are effected one hundred percent by our environments, especially when they are detrimental to our physical and mental health. Clearing clutter and putting a home back into a state of comfortable existence is what I do and I do it with full commitment to my client on a level of trust and understanding. It is not my place to judge you, I am here to make you happy and thankful that you reached out to me.

My process involves getting to know my client and being empathetic towards their needs.

  • Which area of disorganization makes you unhappy at home?
  • What would make you calmer and more content?
  • Are you ready to let go of things?
  • How much control do you feel you need when it comes to making decisions?
  • What is your long-term goal?

Contacting me is your first step to writing your plan of action and taking the necessary steps to carve your pathway through clutter and chaos to a brighter, lighter, clearer future.

My mission is to Make your Home your Haven and I look forward to the challenge.


Contact any time, texting is fine also (864) 384-2435

The Teal Butterfly Design Company is proud to have the opportunity to be on, which showcases "cleaning" change to organizing companies that are considered Premier Professional Organizers, Homeadvisor & Thumbtack.

And so, a butterfly was born. Ready to transform your South Carolina home? Call The Teal Butterfly Design Company today at 864-384-2435 to get started.

The Teal Butterfly works hard to make your home your haven